The Wrong Face

Contextual framing of facial expressions within pervasive narratives.

Graduation Thesis, August 2018
Media Technology MSc program, Leiden University
Supervisors: Dr. M.J. van Duijn, Professor P.W. Meineck

H1 The expression on a character’s face, when offered in a pervasive context, is of no consequence for the perceived gist of a narrative and the ability to sympathize with the character.

One on one, no one (just me)

Media Technology MSc Exhibition
Leiden University
Langegracht 70, Leiden
Januari 25 t/m 28 – 2017


A very small place; confined

Person A:
Can you hear yourself think? Is it a voice inside your head? Or is there something preceding a thought; a shiver somewhere inside your body? You have to listen closely.

Person B:
Is there anybody else? Can you tell me what you see? I might be seeing the same. Tell me what you think; please try.

Kaan Koyuncu – Stijn van Linden – Robbert Ritmeester


Casted pulp paper, 55 x 78 cm, 36 NFC-tags

Three layers of handmade pulp paper. The paper appears to be blanc. Sandwiched between the layers, like watermarks, are 36 NFC-tags. When a NFC enabled smartphone is held to a spot on the paper a corresponding webpage pops up. It shows one off the 36 dramatic situations supposedly describing all human interaction from ancient days till the present.

Touch Points

Grooming media,about virtual touch and feelings of social presence.
De Vrijplaats Middelstegracht 36, Leiden
3 & 4 juni 2016

Skype touch

What constitutes ‘being close to somebody’? Grooming and cocooning on the sofa with the telephone switched off? Or quite the opposite, by being in touch and touching base 24/7 through Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp? Or simply both, whenever?